Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

The Lair at Last

What did we walk into?

Performing the ritual, the party was surprised when instead of calming the seed, it instead summoned Merri.  The witch spoke to the seed in a language they could not comprehend and soon it came to rest.  Thanking them for helping, she told them they were free to take the Drakes from the rookery to travel to the lair of the Prismatic Dragon, but before they left, she handed a locket to Katya and gave her a cryptic message.  Merri then took aside the “pirate” who turned on their friends, this ultimately was revealed to be Captain Oranna in disguise, and after speaking with her, the captain promptly left.


Before they took the drakes, they “borrowed” a large quantity of amber at Adrians request and returned to town.  Trading the amber for an improved glaive to Zaghak, the party took a moment to recover and then headed for the lair.


On route, they saw swarms of undead knights entering a massive storm that seemed to encompass the whole mountain where the lair resided.  Flying over it and into the eye of the storm, the party made their approach on the mountain top, but lost one of the drakes on the descent.  Mourning the loss of the drake they had named “Drake Drake”, the party continued onwards into the cave.


Inside, they discovered a hidden tunnel leading further into the mountain and after completing several puzzles (successfully avoiding the traps with one and triggering a room full of ooze and mimics in the other) they found their way to a book that teleported them to a strange place filled with treasure, magical items and books.


Searching and looting as they went, they ultimately found of large black chamber devoid of any of the wealth from before.  Inside, they found a small force of undead fighting against a strange crystal on the ground, and in the sky they saw a dragon, a lich and a spectral titan battling above them.  With the passage behind them vanishing upon entering, the party did their best to survive the chaos.  Finding themselves under attack by strange energies the crystal was emitting, they fought against it and destroyed it.


Upon its destruction, it let out a wave of magic that seemed to rip apart reality before them.  In this chaos, the lich from above was torn to shreds and a piece of this became buried in Adrian’s shoulder.  As they were torn to shreds, they each had a vision of what appeared to be their future. When they awoke after this, they found themselves in a tavern filled with fey creatures, unsure of how they got here.



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