Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

Monastery of Vitae

Why wouldn't you help a face like that?

Upon waking from their rest the previous day, the party receives a message from the crows that spoke with Katya before.  They set out to a large stone platform atop a hill to the north west of town.  Upon arriving, they step upon the platform, but it opens and the party is consumed by a giant worm like creature.  However, instead of being eaten, they find themselves in a spacious chamber filled with chairs and are told they are being safely transported to the witches abode.


When they arrive, they are greeted by the witch, Merri Stadzulbi, a shriveled old woman made of bark with no eyes.  She tells the party that the plant rebellion is happening due to a disturbance at the monastery.  Contained within the monastery is the seed of Vitae, an ancient seed that became trapped in this plan after the star fall.  It encourages plant growth where it grows and over time it will hatch to become a Leshen, a nature guardian of the Beastlands, that protects the order of the forest.  Nhadim, the gnome who destroyed the church in town, went to the monastery and did something to the seed.  Merri knows not what he is doing or why, but she asks the party to stop him and perform a ritual to help the seed.  The party agrees and she gives them her aid.


With resources to help them evade the plant creatures and the shambling mound that Katya attempted to tame in tow, they head to a secret tunnel entrance that will take them to the heart of the monastery.


Upon reaching the monastery, the party does some light recon and saves the lives of several survivors who had been captured by the strange smoke/crystal golem creatures Nhadim had made.  Among the captives is one of the pirates who attacked the ship the party was sailing on.  He explains that Nhadim was employed by the same people who paid them to sink any ship that tried to make landfall, but when they came to help him, he had them captured and started to transform them into the golems.  They also encountered a couple of genasi children, who they terrified, as well as a few monks.  After freeing the captives, they witnessed a small man and several zombie like figures enter the central area of the monastery.


Following along sneakily, they found a gnome they assumed to be Nhadim, emitting the strange smoke from his body, as well as the rest of the pirates, infected with the strange substance they found in the church.  Getting the drop on them, the party managed to wipe out a large portion of the enemy forces, one of their members seemingly turning on them as well, and the battle was soon over, however the seed seemed to be pulsing violently.



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