Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

A World Reborn

That may have been us

After the massive explosion ripped apart the archives, the party awoke to find themselves seated in tavern, not knowing how they got there.  They also found that they were missing several people from their group, Zahar, Susan and Artorious.  Trying to find out where they were, the party asked around the tavern and learned that they were in the Madcap Inn, in what the locals called the fractured Feywilde.  The barkeep directed them to the man who had brought them in, a traveling merchant named Vauhmein.

The party spoke with the man, some rather reluctantly, and he explained that he found them not far from the Inn and brought them here in hopes that they will recover.  Interrogating the man, the party learned that it had been a month since their journey to the Dragon Belt and that the gates between planes had been reopened.  They also learned that the Dragon Belt had been destroyed in a massive explosion.  

After speaking with and parting ways with Vauhmein, the party decides to forgo looking for their compatriots and instead head for the city of Khaldar where the yuan-ti woman Multessa told them a contact for the Occulus Umbra resided.  Splitting up to take care of business, Darl and Sariel went in search of an apothecary to try and heal Darls wounded leg while Adrian, Katya and Bolt went in search of horses.  

The former got severely lost and Sariel became dependent on alcohol to maintain her sanity.  The later managed to find transport, in the form of several dinosaurs which had been found by the inn owners.

After waiting for the now deranged Sariel to return, the party took a nights rest and set out.  On the way, Katya redirected the party into the nearby woods towards what was known as Nichevens mound on orders from a locket she had received from Merri.  

Wandering through the strange woods, the group discovered a large ruined wood house with a large gem reflecting the moonlight down a well inside.  Katya decided to remain inside the the house well Sariel and Bolt were taken by the trees and dragged back into the forest.  

Darl and Adrian went after the two members taken and managed to track down Sariel.  The three of them found themselves in battle with a strange metal spider woman while Bolt faced off with a swarm strange of slug/bugs.  While they fought, Katya invented popcorn.

After winning there battles, the party was swallowed by the land.  At the same time, the well opened and Katya entered into it and found herself in the lair the Mother of Hags Nicheven/Babba Yagga.  Approaching her in reverence, Katya offered the locket to her and told her why she had come.  The Queen of Witches, seeming to know all of this, asked Katya if she wanted to help the old witch Merri.  Agreeing to this, Katya was placed into a pot and a strange liquid was poured in with her.  

While she cooked, the rest of the party was spat out of the walls.  Nicheven thanked them for helping the young witch and told them they should be on their way quickly, much was changing in Khaldar and much more would change when they arrive.  

Katya emerges from the pot, her hair now green and her skin appearing bark like in places and the Queen offers to teleport them to the city, not waiting fo their response before doing so.



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