Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

The Vanishing Dragon - A top a Turtle in the Clouds

A Strange Floating Sensation

Awakening, the party found themselves in a pool of water filled with purple liquid running throughout it.  Looking around, they noticed that the water seemed to be floating in the sky above a ship wreck.  Swimming down through the water, they managed to get to the ruined hull of what once was a ship from the armada they had been apart of.  They also came across a human who had had the misfortune (or fortune) of accidentally hanging himself and a minotaur whose leg had been pierced through several times by large metal spikes.

The two new adventures:

Darl- a Minotaur Barbarian from Minathros

Adrian Rye- a Human Fighter from Vin Mielle

The pair thanked the party and chose to accompany them as they started to look around and figure out where they were.  As they looked over the side of the hull, they found that the wreck they were on, as well as the rest of the armada, were suspended in the air 20 miles above the sea.  There was also a massive dragon turtle, at least 5 miles in diameter, floating in the air as well with a large mountain on its back.  Impacted on the tip of the mountain lie the black metal ship that had nearly killed them all.

Deciding to attempt to make their way down the debris field towards the mostly intact black ship, in hopes of finding something to aid in their descent, the party set out through the wreckage.  After an hour of climbing and swimming through floating pools of water, the party located an anchor, that they lowered down to the deck of the ship allowing them to climb the chain down.

On deck, the party was discovered by a Manticore and a pair of Peryton scavangers that were picking apart the bodies on deck.  After killing the beast, Susan noticed a man inside the ships cabin being dragged away by an unknown creature.

Deciding to loot the ship instead of immediately pursuing the man in distress, the party located some crude explosives, a bag of holding (containing an unknown amount of items), some gold in what was left in the store room and a live chicken that Bolt chose to keep in its compartment.  They also discovered a broken pistol and a letter addressed to the ships captain, promising the captain 5000 gold and several "upgrades" for his vessel if they managed to ensure no one managed to reach the Solegreen region of the Dragon Belt by sea.

Having felt that they had sufficiently looted the ship, they followed a blood trail leading to a cavern in the back of the vessel.  The vessel lead them deep into the squishy blood soaked insides of the dead turtle.  After triggering some traps and avoiding some others, the trail lead the party to a slope leading further down.  Adrian and Darl fell down the blood soaked sloop while Katya decided to go for a slide.

Landing in a pool of blood going up to their thighs, the party found a small group of Kobolds torturing the man from the ship.  Upon noticing them, the Kobolds screamed for their master to help them and a purple dragon wyrmling emerged from a cavern in the back of the chamber.  Its eyes locked on the party. 



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