Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

Drunk Town

Shopping Montage

As they made their way through the town, their new associate Artorious, explained that after the undead legion of Wyrmlich arrived, most of the townsfolk came to the conclusion that they were screwed and decided to go out in a state of joy instead of terror.  Artorious lead the party to the Mayors house, so they could speak with the few sober people in town.  Upon arrival, they were lead in by the mayors Kobold butler and were given a moment to breath and relax.

After several minutes, during which they raided the bar in the room and taking several bottles for themselves, the mayor arrived with his wife.  The mayor, Caegrar Demodra, an silver scaled dragonborn missing both his legs, one arm and an eye and his wife, Alyyra, a wood elf druid.  After talking to the mayor for several minutes, he showed a great amount of distaste at talking with them and they found themselves at an impasse.  Choosing not to do business with the insulting Dragonborn, the party made to leave.  On their way out, Alyyra passed a note to them as they left.

Once outside, the party opened the note and found a message from Alyyra, apologizing for her husband and asking that the party meet them at the Primiere Cask Inn in four hours.  Looking around town, the party found the Inn in the merchants district and they also heard that the towns church was destroyed in an explosion that set the building and its surroundings ablaze.  At this point, the party decided to split up. 

Sariel and Katya headed to the inn in hopes of procuring a room for the party to stay in and getting some food as well.  Finding the inn filled to the brim with rowdy drinkers, the owner of the inn offered to let them spend the night in the cellar.  Agreeing to this, the pair headed down to the small room to get some rest.

Adrian, interested in getting a better glaive, headed for the town smithy.  Arriving outside a stone building with the words Fire, Magic, Guns!!!, engraved on its side.  Upon entering, he finds a small old dwarf with white hair and large thick goggles on his face.  After trying, and failing for quite some time, Adrian finally managed to get his desire for the dwarf to make a better glaive for him.  The dwarf, Zaghak, explains that he could make a superior weapon for him if he gets him amber from the small mine behind the Monastery of Vitae in the mountains to the south east of town.  The two agree, after a bit of negotiation, that Adrian will bring him the amber in exchange for the weapon and any excess amber will belong to Zaghak.

 Zahar, Bolt, Darl and Susan decided to investigate the remains of the church and to see if they could uncover what had happened.  Learning from the locals that a gnome cleric who had passed through, after arriving in port on a black metal ship, destroyed the building and then fled town in the direction of the monastery.  Upon entering the church, the party found several strange shards of what appeared to be crystallized smoke that had a low glow to them.  Susan noticed that the crystals appeared similar to a star, and advised her comrades not to touch it because if it is like a star, the energy it emits is lethal over time.

They also found a large melted statue of Bahamut, made of solid platinum, and a body submerged in platinum (Han Solo in carbonite like).  Breaking the floor boards up, the party stuffed the body into their bag of holding and proceeded downstairs.  Finding themselves in a mausoleum, the party looked around and found a make shift bedroom at the back.  Looking though what documents remained, the party found several letters addressed to a gnome named Nhadim mentioning vials of blood that were being sent to him.  Upon a second look around the room, they locate a secret compartment in the wall with the aforementioned vials inside.

Departing from the church, Darl and Bolt headed to the Inn to reconvene with their friends while Zahar decided to see if he could find someone willing to buy shards of platinum.  While he did so, Susan headed to the local Alchemist at her shop, Salves for Scales, in hopes of getting a metal container to house the crystal shards they had discovered in the church.  With a newly purchased container in hand, she returned to the church, grabbed the shards and headed for the Inn.

Meanwhile, Zahar met with Zaghak and found the dwarf was quite willing to exchange the platinum shards for an equivalent amount of coins.  Noticing the broken gun, Zaghak became very excited and proceeded to show  off his wide selection of firearms and offered to mend the gun Zahar had in his poessession.  After a little negotiation, Zahar they came to an understanding and Zaghak went about working to fix the gun as well as add a little modification.

Finally, with the entire party back together at the Inn, they waited to Alyrra to arrive.  When she did, she once more apologized for her husbands behavior and told them of what had befallen the town.  When the undead legion arrived, many of their people were killed in the initial assault.  She and her fellow druids erected a barrier using the local plant life and have been using their powers to maintain it since.  While most of the undead have left, some still remain and continue to hack away at the bean stocks.  Two days ago, a strange wave of energy passed through everything and the druids felt their connection to the local plant life fade away.  The plant creatures they had made went berserk and they lost their ability to encourage their barrier to repair itself.  They suspect that something has occurred at the monastery of Vitae.  She told the party that the monastery is the sole reason plants can grow in this lands, but she would not tell them why. 

She asks the party to head north of the village to seek out an old witch who lives there in hopes that she can help them.  The witch has lived in this area before the stars fell, before there was any green her and if anyone will know what has happened it would be her.  Curious as to why they think the witch would talk with them specifically, the party ask Alyrra why she thinks this.  Alyrra then points to Katya and states that she might be willing to talk to a fellow witch.

The rest of the party now notices that Katya has been talking with a crow that flew in for the past few minutes.  As Katya becomes aware of the party staring at her, she informs the party that the Witch will see them and that they should wait till tomorrow morning as transport is arranged for them. 

Alyyra, believing that business is done, decides to leave, but the party asks about the gnome before she goes.  She doesn't know much, but recommends they look for the women who arrived with him claiming to be a nun, Multessa, a Yuan-ti pureblood.

As they walk outside, Katya asks the crow if it could look for the women Alyrra mentions and it takes off.  The party decides to kill some time while to crows look around by seeing if they could sell the platinum body.  Returning once more to the blacksmith, the party produce the body, much to the smiths glee, as he despised the priest and was happy to see him dead.  After a large shopping spree with a very nice discount, the party emerged from the shop with far better equipment and supplies.

The crow from before flew over head and lead the party to brothel, Natures Kiss, where Zahar proceeded to get in a fight with the brothel staff.  Fight over, they located  Multessa, and after a successful charm person was placed upon her, the party learned that she had been sent her by Lord Aibal Torrem of Nazarak, but her actual employers were the Occulus Umbra.  She, the gnome, the ships crew and twelve other people they had been sent with were to find a way into the Records of Existence and find a "Shard" locked inside.  When they felt they had learned all they could, the party attempted to kill her, but upon hostile actions, the charm broke and Multessa managed to escape via a gem containing a dimension door spell. 



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