Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

A Ship of "Ghost"?

The Stone Ship

Climbing along the walls, the purple dragon unleashed a scream of raw pain with its mind, harming most of the party, while the kobolds unleashed a mix of magic and arrows at them.  Splitting their focus, half the party chose to kill the Kobolds while the rest attempted to take down the dragons.  While fighting the Kobolds, Adrian was charmed by one of them and stopped fighting, while Zahar and Katya slowly made their way through the small dragonoids. 

Working together Darl, Susan, Sariel and bolt managed to fell the purple dragon, who had climbed up to the roof of the vein they were in.  As it died, it fell from the ceiling and landed on the charmed Adrian, pinning him under a pool of blood.  Seeing their master die, the kobolds attempted to flee, but were picked off as they scattered.

After licking their wounds, the party found the wounded man, minus his eyes, a leg, half a hand and several internal organs, lying in a growing pool of his own blood on top of a ledge.  After a brief interrogation, learning that the rest of his ships crew had left him behind and taken their winged long boat further down in hopes of finding a safe launch point, the party ended the mans life and searched the dragon for anything of value, before taken a short rest.  Finding some gold and a diamond that radiated arcane energy that they couldn't identify, the party rested up before hiding out.

Following a groove that had been worn into the bottom of the vein they now traveled through, the party emerged into the blown out rip cage of the turtle.  Standing on the edge of the ruined ribs, the party noticed the winged ship mentioned to them before and several sailors attacking it.

Deciding to advance on the long boat and try to claim it for themselves, the party attempted to leap across the ribs to try and catch the boat before it left.  However Darl slipped as he jumped and crashed through one of the ribs, knocking several party members off and plummeting towards the ocean below.  Katya, intent on stopping the vessel, launched a firebolt at the crew that missed and hit a power keg they had on board.  The crew, reacting quickly, launched the keg at the party and the resulting explosion knocked the rest of them off the ribs.

As they fell, the party felt a strange force grab them and start to pull then towards a large stone floating below them.  As they got closer, the party realized the stone was carved in the shape of a ship.  As they landed, they noticed several purple spectral individuals that many of the party assumed were ghost, however Zahar immediately knew they weren't as they had no kind of presence and they seemed to  repeat themselves as if in an endless loop.  They would go through about 30 seconds of movement, vanish, and restart their actions as if they were some kind of echo.

As they investigated the stone vessel, the party found several skeleton remains of Glithyanki sailors (they assumed) and the drive room of the ship.  The echoes here depicted two Glithyanki, one at the wheel and one strapped to a chair at the back of the chamber.  The man at the wheel was yelling orders to the other one, telling him to get them to land or they wouldn't make it in this storm.

Realizing that they were on an astral barge, a vessel used by the Glithyanki to sail in the astral sea by using the mental fortitude of a person to propel the vessel, Darl was elected to power the ship as Zahar would steer them towards land.  As he sat in the chair, a massive headache struck the Minotaur as he felt a presence enter his mind and hundreds of voices started to shout at him.  The rest of the party, minus Zahar, rushed to his side and upon touching him the voices spread themselves out amongst the party, easing Darls burden.  With a bit of luck and a couple close calls, they managed to crash land the ship.  Attempting to stand, Darl found that he was now strapped into the chair.  As the party working to get him out, part of the engine detached itself from its core and latched onto Darls head and drilled into his brain causing him to black out from the pain.

Carrying their unconscious friend, the party mad camp in a clearing nearby.  During their rest, a large moving mound of plants stumbled by them with several blades sticking out of it.  Katya, feeling pity for the creature attempted to sooth it and was mostly successful as it chose not to eat her.

The following day, with Darl conscious once more, they headed for what was supposed to be the nearby town, only finding a large circle of beans stocks with the burned out wreckage of buildings surrounding it and a sea of ash beyond.  Noticing signs of fighting to the west of the bean stocks the party headed towards the noise.  Stealthily making their way there, the party found several soldiers in plate slaughtering a handful of small moldy people and what appeared to be the same plant creature from the previous night.

With a successful surprise attack, the party managed to wipe out most of the soldiers on their own before a shadar-kai man entered the fray with a large obsidian great sword who finished off the rest of the knights.  Katya, rushing to check on the plant creature, found it was indeed the creature form the previous night.  Recognizing her from before, the creature accepted her aid before leaving.  

Examining the bodies, the party found they were undead and were told by the shadar-kai, revealing himself as a Blood Hunter named Artorious, that the army of Wyrmlich had invaded a week ago after the prismatic dragon vanished.  He lead them to a tunnel that took them under the bean stock wall into what was left of Solegreen.  As they emerged out into town, they found themselves surrounded by a large number of drunk people.



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