Edrasir The Realm of Cross Roads

The Troll and the Giant
True Love at Last

Confonted by Grimm, one of the crime lords who rules Khaldar as well as their current employer, the party informed him of what they had learned about who had sabotaged his distillery.  Speaking with the two surviving river rats, the group learned that they had been hired by the "fish family".  The goliath quickly deduced this meant that another of the four families, the SeasBorn, a "family" of deep scions who work with the church of Umbrelee were responsible for what had happened. 

Happy that he had answers, but annoyed that they had raised more questions, Grimm upheld his end of the bargain and freed Susan from her debt to him.  He also offered to hire the party on as temporary retainers to aid him in what he felt was coming.  The party agreed and with that they parted ways. 

Taking the time to lick their wounds, the party returned to the Ruby to get some rest, despite the stink eye they recieved from the staff.  The following day, met by a cold meal and cold shoulder from the Inns staff, the party decided to take care of the jobs they had accepted in order to pay back the Ruby for the damages they had caused. 

Deciding to tackle the painter and the "strange" sounds first, the party headed for the artisans district.  Arriving at the building mentioned in the contract, the party knocked, but received no answer.  Forcing the door, they found a colorful mess inside consisting of canvas, stencils and paints.  They also found a man muttering to himself and swinging a sword around wildly. 

Upon grabing his attention and explaining why they were here, the man threw himself at their feet and pleaded inchoherently at them, causing the party to knock him out for "his own good" as they put it.  While they waited for the man to awaken, they searched the studio and found an entrance to the sewers where they faintly heard the sound of crying coming from. 

As they located this space, the man awoke and properly introduced himself to the party as Herman Small, the painter who had hired them.  He begged them to find the source of the crying and belching that was coming from beneath his home. 

Venturing down into the sewers, the party followed the sound of crying, readying themselves for a fight, but what they found surprised them.  Deep in the sewers beneath Khaldar, our heros found a Trolls home, and its Troll owner inside, drinking in a suit and crying to a glowing skull.  Deciding to try diplomacy first, Bolt elected to approach the troll and talk with him.  After a short conversation, they learned that his name was Kermac and that the reason he was crying was because his wife had left him on their wedding anniversary for what he called a "stupid hill giant". 

Feeling bad for him, the party decided to try and help him get over his wifes departure.  This offer lead our heroes to playing matchmaker with Kermac and a fire giant named Frosty, a name she earned from her many atempts to invent a dish she called "ice cream".  They were successful in convincing Frosty and Kermac to attempt dating, but first aided Frosty in obtaining what she said was a necessary gift for their first date: the head of the "stupid hill giant", who ultimately turned out to be a stone giant and a beaten up Troll ex-wife. 

After winning the battle and aiding frosty in delivering her gift, the party left young love to grow, but took the strange glowing skull with them.  Darby, able to actually speak with the skull due to his new found psychic ability, started to learn some new powers from it. 

After receiving payment from Herman, the party payed off their debt to the Ruby with Hermans money and some gold bars they had found in the sewers that bore the mark of the Vermillion Bank of Khaldar. 

After a bit of discussion, the party decided to get an arcanist to look into their bag of holding to see if it contained anything prior to their obtaining it and then head for the bank as well as the orphanage due to the proximity of the two. 

Traveling to Morrisons Magical Mastercrafts, hearing the town criers speak about another murder that had occurred at demon hands last night, the party paid the shop owner a modest fee to have him cast identify on the bag and learn of its previous contents.  Finding a nice sum of gold within the party was pleased with what they found and Sariel decided to inquire if he could look at a strange Mask she had found before she left home. 

As he went to examine it, Morrison fell forward, smashing the glass, and the mask wrapped around his head.  Lifting off the ground, the shop owner attacked the party with various creatures created by shadows.  After a pitched battle, the mask was removed from the now dead Morrison and attached itself to Sariel, who maintained control over herself despite a rush of power. 

There was no time to rest however, as the fighting had attracted too much attention and the party fled when they were accused of murder and theft.  In fairness they did steal several items from the shop after the battle, not like a dead man could use them anyway……. right?

Unexpected Reunion
I didn't mean to shoot you

As the party settles in for a night of rest at the Ruby inn, a gunshot is heard from Katyas room followed by the witches screams and curses.  A bullet came from the floor and blew a hole in her foot.  Upon investigating the source of the bullet, the party was reunited with their missing comrade Zahar, much to Katyas annoyance, who was being attacked by a small Barbed Devil.

Coming to his aid, the party quickly dispatched the devil and inquired as to what had happened to Zahar and why he had come to Khaldar.  The shadar-kai explained that he had awoken 3 weeks ago in the ocean where the creator they had created in the Dragon Belt was.  He was picked up by a ship and returned to the Conclave to report what had happened, but his twin swords were gone and his arm had been replaced with a strange ice limb.  Not knowing what had happened to himself, Zahar attempted to discover a way to recover his memories, but failed.  One week ago, he had been ordered to head to Khaldar where the conclave astrologer Susan Hyphan had apparently been arrested for several crimes including public intoxication, public debauchery, theft and ruining a years supply of alcohol.  He had arrived, but was turned away by the prison guards as they had been ordered not to allow her to leave, she was to be made an example not to harm the business interest of Grimm, one of the cities 4 crime lords.

Almost hole once more, the party decided to aid Zahar in freeing Susan and decided to leave in the morning.  During the night however, many talks/arguments began between several party members and a large hole in the floor was made, destroying a chandelier in the process.  The party was forced to under take 2 jobs from the Ruby"s mercenary board in order to compensate them for the damages.  The first was investigating a supposed haunting of an orphanage and the second was discovering what was causing the horrible noises coming from beneath an artist studio. 

Electing to help their friend before fixing their relationship with the inn keep, the party headed to the Grimm public business, the bath house, and attempted to speak with the goliath.  After a bit of talking, they managed to get in to see him, but failed to convince him to release Susan.  Hearing that the man was in a bit of trouble with his brewery, the party attempted an exchange, they would take care of this problem in exchange for Susans release.  Grimm agreed to this, but placed a rune on the back of Susans neck that would kill her if they did not complete their task with a couple days. 

Heading for the brewery, the party found it abandoned except for a few homeless people sleeping in the allies nearby.  Paying them a few gold pieces, the party learned that a week ago, a delivery to the brewery had been made by a couple children, but chaos and screams had soon been heard and people had fled the building with their skin coming off in patches.  Entering cautiously, the party started to search the building, finding several dead bodies, but upon closer inspection, they were attacked by several black ooze creatures.

After a painful battle, the party finished their inspection and found one body resembling the description given to them by the homeless man of the delivery boy.  Casting speak with dead on his remains, the party was able to asceratain that he was a memeber of a press gang known as the River Rats and that they had been hired to poison the brewery with purple worm poison and leave behind the oozes to kill the staff.  Getting directions to the home of the River Rats from the body, the group headed out to confront the children, but sent Katyas familiar to Grimm with a message informing them of their progress. 

After and hour and a half of walking, the party arrive at the shanty hut in the mud district.  Deciding to be a bit more cautious than before, the party scout out the building from outside and managed to catch a glimpse of several dad bodies inside and three creature easting them.  While the rest of the group dicuss a plan of action, Katya and Susan set fire to a wall before knocking it down and chargin in.

A bloody battle ensues, but the party emerges victorious, one of the three monstrous creatures escaping and Susan being polymorphed into a cat.  As the fire spreads, two members of the River Rats who were hiding in a wall run out of the building.  The party gives chase and runs into Grimm, in poession of the two gang members.

A World Reborn
That may have been us

After the massive explosion ripped apart the archives, the party awoke to find themselves seated in tavern, not knowing how they got there.  They also found that they were missing several people from their group, Zahar, Susan and Artorious.  Trying to find out where they were, the party asked around the tavern and learned that they were in the Madcap Inn, in what the locals called the fractured Feywilde.  The barkeep directed them to the man who had brought them in, a traveling merchant named Vauhmein.

The party spoke with the man, some rather reluctantly, and he explained that he found them not far from the Inn and brought them here in hopes that they will recover.  Interrogating the man, the party learned that it had been a month since their journey to the Dragon Belt and that the gates between planes had been reopened.  They also learned that the Dragon Belt had been destroyed in a massive explosion.  

After speaking with and parting ways with Vauhmein, the party decides to forgo looking for their compatriots and instead head for the city of Khaldar where the yuan-ti woman Multessa told them a contact for the Occulus Umbra resided.  Splitting up to take care of business, Darl and Sariel went in search of an apothecary to try and heal Darls wounded leg while Adrian, Katya and Bolt went in search of horses.  

The former got severely lost and Sariel became dependent on alcohol to maintain her sanity.  The later managed to find transport, in the form of several dinosaurs which had been found by the inn owners.

After waiting for the now deranged Sariel to return, the party took a nights rest and set out.  On the way, Katya redirected the party into the nearby woods towards what was known as Nichevens mound on orders from a locket she had received from Merri.  

Wandering through the strange woods, the group discovered a large ruined wood house with a large gem reflecting the moonlight down a well inside.  Katya decided to remain inside the the house well Sariel and Bolt were taken by the trees and dragged back into the forest.  

Darl and Adrian went after the two members taken and managed to track down Sariel.  The three of them found themselves in battle with a strange metal spider woman while Bolt faced off with a swarm strange of slug/bugs.  While they fought, Katya invented popcorn.

After winning there battles, the party was swallowed by the land.  At the same time, the well opened and Katya entered into it and found herself in the lair the Mother of Hags Nicheven/Babba Yagga.  Approaching her in reverence, Katya offered the locket to her and told her why she had come.  The Queen of Witches, seeming to know all of this, asked Katya if she wanted to help the old witch Merri.  Agreeing to this, Katya was placed into a pot and a strange liquid was poured in with her.  

While she cooked, the rest of the party was spat out of the walls.  Nicheven thanked them for helping the young witch and told them they should be on their way quickly, much was changing in Khaldar and much more would change when they arrive.  

Katya emerges from the pot, her hair now green and her skin appearing bark like in places and the Queen offers to teleport them to the city, not waiting fo their response before doing so.

The Lair at Last
What did we walk into?

Performing the ritual, the party was surprised when instead of calming the seed, it instead summoned Merri.  The witch spoke to the seed in a language they could not comprehend and soon it came to rest.  Thanking them for helping, she told them they were free to take the Drakes from the rookery to travel to the lair of the Prismatic Dragon, but before they left, she handed a locket to Katya and gave her a cryptic message.  Merri then took aside the “pirate” who turned on their friends, this ultimately was revealed to be Captain Oranna in disguise, and after speaking with her, the captain promptly left.


Before they took the drakes, they “borrowed” a large quantity of amber at Adrians request and returned to town.  Trading the amber for an improved glaive to Zaghak, the party took a moment to recover and then headed for the lair.


On route, they saw swarms of undead knights entering a massive storm that seemed to encompass the whole mountain where the lair resided.  Flying over it and into the eye of the storm, the party made their approach on the mountain top, but lost one of the drakes on the descent.  Mourning the loss of the drake they had named “Drake Drake”, the party continued onwards into the cave.


Inside, they discovered a hidden tunnel leading further into the mountain and after completing several puzzles (successfully avoiding the traps with one and triggering a room full of ooze and mimics in the other) they found their way to a book that teleported them to a strange place filled with treasure, magical items and books.


Searching and looting as they went, they ultimately found of large black chamber devoid of any of the wealth from before.  Inside, they found a small force of undead fighting against a strange crystal on the ground, and in the sky they saw a dragon, a lich and a spectral titan battling above them.  With the passage behind them vanishing upon entering, the party did their best to survive the chaos.  Finding themselves under attack by strange energies the crystal was emitting, they fought against it and destroyed it.


Upon its destruction, it let out a wave of magic that seemed to rip apart reality before them.  In this chaos, the lich from above was torn to shreds and a piece of this became buried in Adrian’s shoulder.  As they were torn to shreds, they each had a vision of what appeared to be their future. When they awoke after this, they found themselves in a tavern filled with fey creatures, unsure of how they got here.

Monastery of Vitae
Why wouldn't you help a face like that?

Upon waking from their rest the previous day, the party receives a message from the crows that spoke with Katya before.  They set out to a large stone platform atop a hill to the north west of town.  Upon arriving, they step upon the platform, but it opens and the party is consumed by a giant worm like creature.  However, instead of being eaten, they find themselves in a spacious chamber filled with chairs and are told they are being safely transported to the witches abode.


When they arrive, they are greeted by the witch, Merri Stadzulbi, a shriveled old woman made of bark with no eyes.  She tells the party that the plant rebellion is happening due to a disturbance at the monastery.  Contained within the monastery is the seed of Vitae, an ancient seed that became trapped in this plan after the star fall.  It encourages plant growth where it grows and over time it will hatch to become a Leshen, a nature guardian of the Beastlands, that protects the order of the forest.  Nhadim, the gnome who destroyed the church in town, went to the monastery and did something to the seed.  Merri knows not what he is doing or why, but she asks the party to stop him and perform a ritual to help the seed.  The party agrees and she gives them her aid.


With resources to help them evade the plant creatures and the shambling mound that Katya attempted to tame in tow, they head to a secret tunnel entrance that will take them to the heart of the monastery.


Upon reaching the monastery, the party does some light recon and saves the lives of several survivors who had been captured by the strange smoke/crystal golem creatures Nhadim had made.  Among the captives is one of the pirates who attacked the ship the party was sailing on.  He explains that Nhadim was employed by the same people who paid them to sink any ship that tried to make landfall, but when they came to help him, he had them captured and started to transform them into the golems.  They also encountered a couple of genasi children, who they terrified, as well as a few monks.  After freeing the captives, they witnessed a small man and several zombie like figures enter the central area of the monastery.


Following along sneakily, they found a gnome they assumed to be Nhadim, emitting the strange smoke from his body, as well as the rest of the pirates, infected with the strange substance they found in the church.  Getting the drop on them, the party managed to wipe out a large portion of the enemy forces, one of their members seemingly turning on them as well, and the battle was soon over, however the seed seemed to be pulsing violently.

Drunk Town
Shopping Montage

As they made their way through the town, their new associate Artorious, explained that after the undead legion of Wyrmlich arrived, most of the townsfolk came to the conclusion that they were screwed and decided to go out in a state of joy instead of terror.  Artorious lead the party to the Mayors house, so they could speak with the few sober people in town.  Upon arrival, they were lead in by the mayors Kobold butler and were given a moment to breath and relax.

After several minutes, during which they raided the bar in the room and taking several bottles for themselves, the mayor arrived with his wife.  The mayor, Caegrar Demodra, an silver scaled dragonborn missing both his legs, one arm and an eye and his wife, Alyyra, a wood elf druid.  After talking to the mayor for several minutes, he showed a great amount of distaste at talking with them and they found themselves at an impasse.  Choosing not to do business with the insulting Dragonborn, the party made to leave.  On their way out, Alyyra passed a note to them as they left.

Once outside, the party opened the note and found a message from Alyyra, apologizing for her husband and asking that the party meet them at the Primiere Cask Inn in four hours.  Looking around town, the party found the Inn in the merchants district and they also heard that the towns church was destroyed in an explosion that set the building and its surroundings ablaze.  At this point, the party decided to split up. 

Sariel and Katya headed to the inn in hopes of procuring a room for the party to stay in and getting some food as well.  Finding the inn filled to the brim with rowdy drinkers, the owner of the inn offered to let them spend the night in the cellar.  Agreeing to this, the pair headed down to the small room to get some rest.

Adrian, interested in getting a better glaive, headed for the town smithy.  Arriving outside a stone building with the words Fire, Magic, Guns!!!, engraved on its side.  Upon entering, he finds a small old dwarf with white hair and large thick goggles on his face.  After trying, and failing for quite some time, Adrian finally managed to get his desire for the dwarf to make a better glaive for him.  The dwarf, Zaghak, explains that he could make a superior weapon for him if he gets him amber from the small mine behind the Monastery of Vitae in the mountains to the south east of town.  The two agree, after a bit of negotiation, that Adrian will bring him the amber in exchange for the weapon and any excess amber will belong to Zaghak.

 Zahar, Bolt, Darl and Susan decided to investigate the remains of the church and to see if they could uncover what had happened.  Learning from the locals that a gnome cleric who had passed through, after arriving in port on a black metal ship, destroyed the building and then fled town in the direction of the monastery.  Upon entering the church, the party found several strange shards of what appeared to be crystallized smoke that had a low glow to them.  Susan noticed that the crystals appeared similar to a star, and advised her comrades not to touch it because if it is like a star, the energy it emits is lethal over time.

They also found a large melted statue of Bahamut, made of solid platinum, and a body submerged in platinum (Han Solo in carbonite like).  Breaking the floor boards up, the party stuffed the body into their bag of holding and proceeded downstairs.  Finding themselves in a mausoleum, the party looked around and found a make shift bedroom at the back.  Looking though what documents remained, the party found several letters addressed to a gnome named Nhadim mentioning vials of blood that were being sent to him.  Upon a second look around the room, they locate a secret compartment in the wall with the aforementioned vials inside.

Departing from the church, Darl and Bolt headed to the Inn to reconvene with their friends while Zahar decided to see if he could find someone willing to buy shards of platinum.  While he did so, Susan headed to the local Alchemist at her shop, Salves for Scales, in hopes of getting a metal container to house the crystal shards they had discovered in the church.  With a newly purchased container in hand, she returned to the church, grabbed the shards and headed for the Inn.

Meanwhile, Zahar met with Zaghak and found the dwarf was quite willing to exchange the platinum shards for an equivalent amount of coins.  Noticing the broken gun, Zaghak became very excited and proceeded to show  off his wide selection of firearms and offered to mend the gun Zahar had in his poessession.  After a little negotiation, Zahar they came to an understanding and Zaghak went about working to fix the gun as well as add a little modification.

Finally, with the entire party back together at the Inn, they waited to Alyrra to arrive.  When she did, she once more apologized for her husbands behavior and told them of what had befallen the town.  When the undead legion arrived, many of their people were killed in the initial assault.  She and her fellow druids erected a barrier using the local plant life and have been using their powers to maintain it since.  While most of the undead have left, some still remain and continue to hack away at the bean stocks.  Two days ago, a strange wave of energy passed through everything and the druids felt their connection to the local plant life fade away.  The plant creatures they had made went berserk and they lost their ability to encourage their barrier to repair itself.  They suspect that something has occurred at the monastery of Vitae.  She told the party that the monastery is the sole reason plants can grow in this lands, but she would not tell them why. 

She asks the party to head north of the village to seek out an old witch who lives there in hopes that she can help them.  The witch has lived in this area before the stars fell, before there was any green her and if anyone will know what has happened it would be her.  Curious as to why they think the witch would talk with them specifically, the party ask Alyrra why she thinks this.  Alyrra then points to Katya and states that she might be willing to talk to a fellow witch.

The rest of the party now notices that Katya has been talking with a crow that flew in for the past few minutes.  As Katya becomes aware of the party staring at her, she informs the party that the Witch will see them and that they should wait till tomorrow morning as transport is arranged for them. 

Alyyra, believing that business is done, decides to leave, but the party asks about the gnome before she goes.  She doesn't know much, but recommends they look for the women who arrived with him claiming to be a nun, Multessa, a Yuan-ti pureblood.

As they walk outside, Katya asks the crow if it could look for the women Alyrra mentions and it takes off.  The party decides to kill some time while to crows look around by seeing if they could sell the platinum body.  Returning once more to the blacksmith, the party produce the body, much to the smiths glee, as he despised the priest and was happy to see him dead.  After a large shopping spree with a very nice discount, the party emerged from the shop with far better equipment and supplies.

The crow from before flew over head and lead the party to brothel, Natures Kiss, where Zahar proceeded to get in a fight with the brothel staff.  Fight over, they located  Multessa, and after a successful charm person was placed upon her, the party learned that she had been sent her by Lord Aibal Torrem of Nazarak, but her actual employers were the Occulus Umbra.  She, the gnome, the ships crew and twelve other people they had been sent with were to find a way into the Records of Existence and find a "Shard" locked inside.  When they felt they had learned all they could, the party attempted to kill her, but upon hostile actions, the charm broke and Multessa managed to escape via a gem containing a dimension door spell. 

A Ship of "Ghost"?
The Stone Ship

Climbing along the walls, the purple dragon unleashed a scream of raw pain with its mind, harming most of the party, while the kobolds unleashed a mix of magic and arrows at them.  Splitting their focus, half the party chose to kill the Kobolds while the rest attempted to take down the dragons.  While fighting the Kobolds, Adrian was charmed by one of them and stopped fighting, while Zahar and Katya slowly made their way through the small dragonoids. 

Working together Darl, Susan, Sariel and bolt managed to fell the purple dragon, who had climbed up to the roof of the vein they were in.  As it died, it fell from the ceiling and landed on the charmed Adrian, pinning him under a pool of blood.  Seeing their master die, the kobolds attempted to flee, but were picked off as they scattered.

After licking their wounds, the party found the wounded man, minus his eyes, a leg, half a hand and several internal organs, lying in a growing pool of his own blood on top of a ledge.  After a brief interrogation, learning that the rest of his ships crew had left him behind and taken their winged long boat further down in hopes of finding a safe launch point, the party ended the mans life and searched the dragon for anything of value, before taken a short rest.  Finding some gold and a diamond that radiated arcane energy that they couldn't identify, the party rested up before hiding out.

Following a groove that had been worn into the bottom of the vein they now traveled through, the party emerged into the blown out rip cage of the turtle.  Standing on the edge of the ruined ribs, the party noticed the winged ship mentioned to them before and several sailors attacking it.

Deciding to advance on the long boat and try to claim it for themselves, the party attempted to leap across the ribs to try and catch the boat before it left.  However Darl slipped as he jumped and crashed through one of the ribs, knocking several party members off and plummeting towards the ocean below.  Katya, intent on stopping the vessel, launched a firebolt at the crew that missed and hit a power keg they had on board.  The crew, reacting quickly, launched the keg at the party and the resulting explosion knocked the rest of them off the ribs.

As they fell, the party felt a strange force grab them and start to pull then towards a large stone floating below them.  As they got closer, the party realized the stone was carved in the shape of a ship.  As they landed, they noticed several purple spectral individuals that many of the party assumed were ghost, however Zahar immediately knew they weren't as they had no kind of presence and they seemed to  repeat themselves as if in an endless loop.  They would go through about 30 seconds of movement, vanish, and restart their actions as if they were some kind of echo.

As they investigated the stone vessel, the party found several skeleton remains of Glithyanki sailors (they assumed) and the drive room of the ship.  The echoes here depicted two Glithyanki, one at the wheel and one strapped to a chair at the back of the chamber.  The man at the wheel was yelling orders to the other one, telling him to get them to land or they wouldn't make it in this storm.

Realizing that they were on an astral barge, a vessel used by the Glithyanki to sail in the astral sea by using the mental fortitude of a person to propel the vessel, Darl was elected to power the ship as Zahar would steer them towards land.  As he sat in the chair, a massive headache struck the Minotaur as he felt a presence enter his mind and hundreds of voices started to shout at him.  The rest of the party, minus Zahar, rushed to his side and upon touching him the voices spread themselves out amongst the party, easing Darls burden.  With a bit of luck and a couple close calls, they managed to crash land the ship.  Attempting to stand, Darl found that he was now strapped into the chair.  As the party working to get him out, part of the engine detached itself from its core and latched onto Darls head and drilled into his brain causing him to black out from the pain.

Carrying their unconscious friend, the party mad camp in a clearing nearby.  During their rest, a large moving mound of plants stumbled by them with several blades sticking out of it.  Katya, feeling pity for the creature attempted to sooth it and was mostly successful as it chose not to eat her.

The following day, with Darl conscious once more, they headed for what was supposed to be the nearby town, only finding a large circle of beans stocks with the burned out wreckage of buildings surrounding it and a sea of ash beyond.  Noticing signs of fighting to the west of the bean stocks the party headed towards the noise.  Stealthily making their way there, the party found several soldiers in plate slaughtering a handful of small moldy people and what appeared to be the same plant creature from the previous night.

With a successful surprise attack, the party managed to wipe out most of the soldiers on their own before a shadar-kai man entered the fray with a large obsidian great sword who finished off the rest of the knights.  Katya, rushing to check on the plant creature, found it was indeed the creature form the previous night.  Recognizing her from before, the creature accepted her aid before leaving.  

Examining the bodies, the party found they were undead and were told by the shadar-kai, revealing himself as a Blood Hunter named Artorious, that the army of Wyrmlich had invaded a week ago after the prismatic dragon vanished.  He lead them to a tunnel that took them under the bean stock wall into what was left of Solegreen.  As they emerged out into town, they found themselves surrounded by a large number of drunk people.

The Vanishing Dragon - A top a Turtle in the Clouds
A Strange Floating Sensation

Awakening, the party found themselves in a pool of water filled with purple liquid running throughout it.  Looking around, they noticed that the water seemed to be floating in the sky above a ship wreck.  Swimming down through the water, they managed to get to the ruined hull of what once was a ship from the armada they had been apart of.  They also came across a human who had had the misfortune (or fortune) of accidentally hanging himself and a minotaur whose leg had been pierced through several times by large metal spikes.

The two new adventures:

Darl- a Minotaur Barbarian from Minathros

Adrian Rye- a Human Fighter from Vin Mielle

The pair thanked the party and chose to accompany them as they started to look around and figure out where they were.  As they looked over the side of the hull, they found that the wreck they were on, as well as the rest of the armada, were suspended in the air 20 miles above the sea.  There was also a massive dragon turtle, at least 5 miles in diameter, floating in the air as well with a large mountain on its back.  Impacted on the tip of the mountain lie the black metal ship that had nearly killed them all.

Deciding to attempt to make their way down the debris field towards the mostly intact black ship, in hopes of finding something to aid in their descent, the party set out through the wreckage.  After an hour of climbing and swimming through floating pools of water, the party located an anchor, that they lowered down to the deck of the ship allowing them to climb the chain down.

On deck, the party was discovered by a Manticore and a pair of Peryton scavangers that were picking apart the bodies on deck.  After killing the beast, Susan noticed a man inside the ships cabin being dragged away by an unknown creature.

Deciding to loot the ship instead of immediately pursuing the man in distress, the party located some crude explosives, a bag of holding (containing an unknown amount of items), some gold in what was left in the store room and a live chicken that Bolt chose to keep in its compartment.  They also discovered a broken pistol and a letter addressed to the ships captain, promising the captain 5000 gold and several "upgrades" for his vessel if they managed to ensure no one managed to reach the Solegreen region of the Dragon Belt by sea.

Having felt that they had sufficiently looted the ship, they followed a blood trail leading to a cavern in the back of the vessel.  The vessel lead them deep into the squishy blood soaked insides of the dead turtle.  After triggering some traps and avoiding some others, the trail lead the party to a slope leading further down.  Adrian and Darl fell down the blood soaked sloop while Katya decided to go for a slide.

Landing in a pool of blood going up to their thighs, the party found a small group of Kobolds torturing the man from the ship.  Upon noticing them, the Kobolds screamed for their master to help them and a purple dragon wyrmling emerged from a cavern in the back of the chamber.  Its eyes locked on the party. 

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3. Choose a theme

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4. Create some NPCs

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A quick tip: The “+” icon in the top right of every section is how to add a new item, whether it’s a new character or adventure log post, or anything else.

5. Write your first Adventure Log post

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One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.

The Vanishing Dragon - The Armada
The heroes meet

In the first Session, our heroes, gathered on the seas shadow, a ship bound for the Dragon Belt.  Two weeks passed, a massive roar was heard by all of the worlds inhabitants, originating from the lair of the prismatic dragon.  Since then, the beast has gone missing.  As word of the missing creature spread, adventures and mercenaries took to the sea in a mad dash to reach the lair.  The ships formed a loss armada as they traveled and upheld a truce that they would not fire upon one another until they reached the Dragon Belt.

Our party members found passage on the Seas Shadow and have agreed to work together to reach the lair.  The party consists of:

  • Katya, a dhampir witch who has made a living trading with demons to obtain power
  • Zahar, a Shadar-kai member of the Conclave's Hunter Order
  • Susan Hyphen, an Atrial astrologer sent along with Zahar
  • Sariel Nailo, a high elf cleric whose family is sworn to the Raven Queen
  • SDS-732 better known as Bolt, a Gearforged Sorcerer construct that houses the soul of a dragon

As the party settles down for they final night aboard ship, the sound of explosions and screaming wakes them.   They find themselves under attack as a large spike burst through the wall and several clockwork creatures emerge from it and attack the party.  After destroying the the creatures and accidentally blowing up several barrels of gunpowder, the party made their way above deck just in time for the ship to be struck by a volley of grapeshot.  Hitting the deck and using some of the surrounding crew members as shields the party survived the volley and was able to get a look at their attackers vessel.  A massive black ship made of wrought iron was tearing the armada to pieces on its own. 

As the Seas Shadow made to flee, the black ship fired a massive black mortar into the air that landed on the Seas Shadows deckA massive clockwork automaton had impacted in front of the party and broken through the upper floor of their ship.  As the construct started to wreak havoc, Katya caught a glimpse of the magazine below the machine and set it ablaze with a firebolt destroying the back end of the ship and heavily damaging the automaton.  The captain of the vessel, Oranna, was able to get a shot off at the creatures core now that its armor was destroyed and managed to fell the death machine.

As the party started to relax, they noticed several more mortars being launched towards them just as a strange wave of energy passed through them.  They watched as the mortars froze in mid air and they found themselves paralyzed.  The next thing they knew, they were flung up into the sky, above the clouds, and then gravity reasserted itself and they fell down towards the earth, blacking out on the way. 


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